Oxun-Iyalode, the Yoruba water spirit of love, fertility and wealth is one of the Orixhas that form the famous seven African powers. It is known in Santeria religion as our Lady of La Carida del Cobre and is worshipped in Cuba, West Indies, Brazil and the Americas. According to legend, Oxun has unlimited powers and is invoked during difficult pregnancies. Oxun is always pleasant and fun loving but has a ferocious temper when her anger is aroused. She is often referred to as the Venus of the African continent. The ancient shrine of Oxun is located at the Oxun shrine and groove at Oshogbo (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Traditional offerings (ebo) are made to the spirit annually to bring peace and harmony to the land and people.


  • Land transfers Lagos/Oshogbo/Lagos,
    • 3 night’s hotel accommodation,
    • Thanksgiving ceremonies at Osun shrine, dance drama presentations,
    • Arts & craft exhibition, etc.
    • Visit to museum and historical sites at Ile-Ife, shopping & sightseeing etc.
    • Optional: Consultation with an Ifa priest



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